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The HP Mini 2140, the most latest entry in Hewlett-Packard's 2100 sequence of netbooks, is what the company's Mini 1000 aspires for getting when it grows up. however it carries a grown-up price tag as well: $529 for our check unit's midlevel configuration.

The HP Mini 2140, like last year's Mini-note 2133, skills a awesome design. everyone within our business office agrees that this ultra-mobile laptop computer skills a stable chassis and beautiful look. The brushed aluminum and plastic material casing is durable and hides fingerprints well. It also keeps the Mini 2140 lightweight; only weighing in near to 2.4 lbs as configured. The sleek institution appeal feels at residence through the institution world, however the Mini 2140 is specific toward college students as well. one look at this appliance and you also can see why. Who wouldn't want an affordable mini laptop computer to toss within of a backpack in between classes, especially one that quite a terrific offer skills a full-size keyboard?

While the 2140 has every one of the appropriate moves looks-wise, it stumbled only a tiny in WorldBench 6. The metallic mini-note kept operating into problems with Photoshop and getting a end result of only netted a rating of 26. The only other netbook that's scored as reduced was the equally poor-performing Dell Inspiron Mini 9. comprehend the fact that goal these netbooks rating reduced is ordinarily credited toward the actuality that their odd-sized screens (and native resolutions) can't work a few of our benchmark programs. Otherwise, they quite a terrific offer possess the same, exact guts as high-flying netbooks that rank a terrific offer better inside the charts. That said, it's nevertheless a pricey cell (well, pricey as much as netbooks go) that can't work purposes other netbooks can.

Compared toward the screens on other netbooks with 10-inch screens, the display inside the HP Mini 2140 is ordinarily a little of the mixed blessing. On one hand, the display is great and large with vivid colours and great contrast. The display doesn't provide broad viewing angles so individuals sitting near for you won't have probably the most useful look at of your screen. However, the best annoyance using the display will possibly be the meager resolution of 1024 x 576 through the bottom configuration. this really is really reduced resolution compared to 8.9-inch display utilized on last year's Mini-note 2133 which featured a 1280 x 768 resolution. The reduced resolution inside the Mini 2140 tends to allow it to be simpler to research tiny text, however the tradeoff is you can't game as a terrific offer text message inside the display at one time. This shows it is best to scroll up and right down much more when viewing internet sites and some computer software menus might not game inside the display as they need to (since instead quite a few computer software designers presume a present individual computer display skills a at very least of 600 pixels worth of vertical resolution.

The keyboard inside the Mini 2140 is merely fantastic. last yr we mentioned the keyboard inside the Mini-note 2133 "is probably the most useful keyboard we've witnessed over a laptop computer this small." That assertion holds genuine for the brand new Mini 2140 as well. Sure, you can find out a terrific offer better keyboards on bigger notebooks, but HP presently has probably the most useful keyboard we've examined on 10-inch and more compact netbooks. The keys possess the silver "HP DuraKeys" accomplish that tends to make them resist dirt and tends to make the letters printed inside the keys last lengthier greater than time. The surface area within of the keys are also smooth toward the touch.

In the burgeoning ranks of netbook portables, every seemingly much more amazing compared to last, the HP Mini 2140 manages to stand out. It skills a successful design and design and attribute set, however it does not command a price tag premium.
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Hp Mini 2140 Review

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Hp Mini 2140 Review

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This article was published on 2010/12/23