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Beyond the monetary issues there are other matters also. Though they ultimately result in yielding money. The information transfer is one; other is awareness to common men. Whatever be the purpose the ultimate of display is spreading some news. It can be highly tech savvy or can be an amalgamation of the old and new methods. It can have digitised display screen or can still display through Glass Display Cabinets.

Displays are a variable factor. They change according to the financial and demographic impact possibility of a place. A busy road side display can generate much more visibility compared even to some posh localities as the quality of the crowd can vary but volume is quite large for visibility. So a large digitised board is viable at this place. Rather than putting Banner Stands digitised board will work better and is an ideal medium to squeeze a large quantity of display messages.

Banner Stands also generate a large visibility due to a potential height above average human height. This is unique but some of the promoters can be little sceptical with the outcome. There is a prevalent perception that banners are a cost saving measure or are used for products that are not revenue earning; some products that have a limited consumer base are also covered in banners as that puts less strain on the company. The other side of the view is at a low cost the promoter generates a large viewership which if not is beneficial to that particular product can yield in a future issue if the name of the company is known. The purposes served are manifold with banner stands.

Point of Sale Displays is different in the mode of operation to display a product. The displays are used to influence consumer opinion at the last moment before purchase. They are found mostly at the points of sale of a particular product. The displays are mostly stick-on or danglers. They are sometimes strongly opposed by the retailer due to a untidy appearance created. The way is to paste or stick the displays at some particular designated place or places in the outlet so that it is not infuriating to the retailer. Points of Sale Displays are quite productive in their purpose as has been observed but some of the consumers may not be well informed enough to understand the product discussed in the display.

Glass Display Cabinets can be considered a high end display as there has been a partial bifurcation of displays to cater to the various ways, means and localities. The categorical divides are hard to comprehend as they work differently in different situations. The only word remains effective in this situation is viability. So Banner and Flags or glass display cabinets the choice depends upon the viability of the display. There are some confusions always arising from the choices as it is quite complex to decide the display method for a target location. The thumb rule can be to make a rough estimate of the visitors to a particular display and take a percentage of them as potential consumers depending upon the purchase capability of the locality.   


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Standing a Banner Tall- Banner Stands

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This article was published on 2011/09/20