The Importance Of Good Exhibition Stand Design

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Using the services of an exhibition stand designer can be a really good move, especially if you always seem to be caught up with financial planning, negotiations, contacting suppliers, meetings... and everything that goes with running your own business!

Contractors that can provide exhibition stand design can be tremendously helpful when you it comes to the preparation of your promotional campaign. They can transport your display to the venue, and get it all set-up; many companies will even offer to store your stands until you need them for your next event. Of course, you could choose to do all of this by yourself, but it will be far easier if you have a group of professional on the job!

Here are a few key factors that any good stand designer will concentrate on when they are working with you on the layout of your display

It pays to be honest.

When you are having your display stand designed, it is crucial that it gives an accurate representation of your business...

Your exhibition display should never be exaggerated or misleading. If it is, then you will merely leave your visitors confused. It could also give them the totally wrong impression of your business altogether!

Go tell it on the mountain.

Likewise, you should also ensure that your display does not undersell your companys skills; if your business is capable of providing something in particular then make sure you tell everyone!!

Every type of product or service you have on offer should be clearly display on your stand.

Do you have any bright ideas?

You may well have a cracking design in mind for the overall layout of your display; but are your visitors going to be able to see it all clearly?

Most good exhibition stand contractors will be able to offer you a choice of lighting for your display and this really can make all the difference. You would be surprised at just how dark so many venues can be...

Keep it simple.

You should always make sure that the message on your display is easy to understand and straight to the point!

Most of your visitors will not have the patience, time or inclination to stand around reading masses of detailed text. Anyone who specialise in exhibition stand design will be fully aware of this.

To err is human (So try and think like a machine!).

Depending on the size of the venue you are attending, your display stand could end-up being be seen by thousands of visitors... so if it features a hilariously bad spelling mistake, it could be a very embarrassing day for your business!

Take plenty of time to check the text on your display. And when you are finished, check it all again! Make absolutely sure that your text doesnt contain any Miss. Takes...
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The Importance Of Good Exhibition Stand Design

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This article was published on 2010/10/20