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Advertising is big time business. Numerous establishments, particularly big ones, spend so much each year on advertisements just to boost their industry and gain an edge over their competitors. Besides print, broadcast, film and Internet media, with the advancement of technology, a new medium quickly gained ground in the advertising world -- the LED display screen.

Often seen hanging on the side and atop buildings and sometimes mounted on giant steel frames, LED display screens are now widely used because they have immediate impact on the people hence introduction of products is easier and more straightforward.

People are familiar with large-scale outdoor LED displays, as used in a sports event, a rally, a concert or assembly. But LED videos can also be used indoors, like in office building, retail stores and other possibilities that your creativity demands.

Whether you want to inform the office about sales targets, show a visitor the history of your company, or celebrate someones birthday, you can achieve your objects with maximum impact by using an indoor LED display.

As a leading provider of marketing tools, offers a wide range of LED video screens both for indoor and outdoor use. Sourcing their products from leading Chinese suppliers, make sure all their offerings are of the best quality and at attractive prices.

The following link is a gorgeous example of an indoor LED video screen:

At 42 inches, it can be easily installed in your offices reception area or meeting room, or on a retail stores wall. You can show a multi-line notice on the screen, or feature a vivid full color presentation, or demonstrate your new product line.

The frame of the LED video is manufactured from aluminium. Its screen is made of tempered glass. Durable and weather-resistant, you can even put it outdoor when at a trade show or exhibition.

This LED screen display can be used in daylight without losing its display quality. Its brightness is up to 8000 Nits. The display screen is also easy to install, so you can simply move it anywhere you want.

All LED displays from have the ISO9001:2000 Quality System Certification. They are CE and RoHS approved and come with a one-year warranty.

The indoor display series apply Surface Mount Technology, so the life time is exceedingly long and energy consumption is very low.

With large viewing angle, up to 170 degree both horizontally and vertically, and high brightness, this product is especially suitable for modern indoor display.

For data input, these LED video displays accept DVI-D video data from a PC or similar. The images are flicker free as the LED display maps the data it is sent pixel for pixel.

Software are also supplied which allow you to play and schedule videos, text and graphics etc. Computer software programs are available for the PC, Mac, Networks and Wireless Networks.

Super high speed data buses and highly integrated microchips enable real time processing of 24 bits per pixel providing high picture quality and colour resolution of 16,777,216 colours for brilliant, high contrast display images.

The control system used also considerably reduces the power consumption over statically driven LEDs. This should be taken into account when looking at the purchasing cost, particularly for displays intended for continuous operation. On account of low power consumption, these LED video displays require no additional cooling other than the small fan incorporated into the modules.

The LED screens can also be customised to meet and exceed the needs of satisfied customers.

Whatever solution you need, whatever LED screen size you desire, whatever configuration you want LED screens from is a perfect viewing experience for your audience. So don't waste your marketing budget elsewhere!
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Wow Your Audience With Led Video Display

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This article was published on 2010/10/19